Welcome To The mediterranean Village grill 

Where we serve Fresh homemade food for Everyone

The Mediterranean village grill is a small, friendly, quick-service style restaurant. The menu contains traditional fast casual concepts favorites such as shawarma, falafel, hummus, fatoush and tabouli salads, lentil soup in addition to some American favorite food such as classic burgers, wings and fries. These favorites will be differentiated through the use of fresh ingredients, authentic Lebanese homemade style, and prepared daily.  


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meet our owner

Graduation, April 2019

Graduation, April 2019

Fawaz Alkhudhayr

Fawaz, an entrepreneur and industrial system engineer fro Saudi Arabia. He came to the United States to pursue his industrial systems degree which he completed in April of 2019. Currently he is working on his Master’s degree in Engineering Management. Throughout his career he helped many small businesses grow, that led to him developing his own idea of running a restaurant that focuses on eating healthy in Mediterranean style. He has a sincere love for food and that showed. In 2018 he submitted presented his idea at the Idea Pitch Competition at Oakland University and HE WON! In order to be successful, he believes that quality is most important and that shows in his restaurant. Currently, he is collaborating with an organization called Foodworks where he will be serving his healthy food at various locations such as Oakland University’s Bear Cave and the FCA cafeteria, so keep your eyes open because he might be showing up at your work! He looks forward to seeing you in the restaurant!

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